When was MAV Technology formed? 

In 2004 
Is membership for the individual or the authority?  

How many authorities do you represent?  

79 – All of Victorian Councils  
How many organisations in your geographic area that are eligible to join are not members?  

How many members do you have?  

77 local authorities 
Do you have members not employed by the public sector?  

Do you have any mission/objectives/scope for MAV Technology?  

MAV Technology was established by the Municipal Association of Victoria in 2004. It is an independently funded support of local government IT, digital and business transformation practitioners, who are committed to demonstrating leadership to improve council and community services.

 MAV Technology provides member councils with:

  • Communication channels for members to share ideas, resources, knowledge and experiences;
  • Collaborative procurement opportunities to reduce costs and increase efficiency;
  • Events & Activities to encourage discussion and innovation;
  • Webinars to share knowledge and expertise;
  • Training programs for professional development;
  • Awards to encourage and recognise innovation in ICT (Information & Communication Technologies);
  • Advocacy for major transformative initiatives;
  • A platform to collaborate with other levels of government and local government associations;

Do you have any staff or is the Society run by volunteers?  

We have a Manager and 2 staff members with a voluntary Advisory Committee of 16

Does MAV Technology support LOLA?  

Do you want to attend LOLA international events?  


How can we contact MAV Technology?

You can contact us via our mail or via our website