When was ALGIM formed?


Is membership for the individual or the authority?

How many authorities do you represent?

How many organisations in your geographic area that are eligible to join are not members?

How many members do you have?
78 local authorities

Do you have members not employed by the public sector?

Do you have any mission/objectives/scope for ALGIM?
Yes - objectives:

- Organising an annual conference for information services staff of local authorities
- Running seminars on topics of interest throughout the year
- Involvement in resolving national local government information technology management issues

- Providing consulting resources for councils to enhance their information technology capabilities
- Providing a forum through events where local government information services staff can meet, network and discuss issues which concern them and which are often unique to local government
- Organising the annual ALGIM Excellence Awards to reward top innovation and promote the sharing of systems development between members
- Production of a systems register under a sponsorship arrangement
- Representation on national government bodies (e.g. NAMS, Local E-Govt Working Party)

Do you have any staff or is the Society run by volunteers? We have 4 staff and a board of 10 volunteers

Does ALGIM support LOLA? Yes

Do you want to attend LOLA international events?