Posted on 19-10-2016


Public sector workers worldwide are facing new and sometimes opposing expectations when it comes to Open Data. Despite efforts to streamline Open Data policies, it often remains unclear when data can truly be considered open, how to deal with technical and legal issues, etc. 

LOLA is strongly  committed to helping the public sector to develop digital skills, including those required to build a successful Open Data strategy. Therefore, LOLA is launching the ODEdu project. This project will provide a unique training programme for civil servants, business leaders and academics alike. Starting in 2017, LOLA Members will have access to the most advanced problem-bases-learning materials to date, developed by 7 experts from 5 European countries, all leaders in the field of Open Data and education.

To find out more about the project consult the project's website. If you are interested to subscribe to an Open Data training, contact your local LOLA member or get in touch via

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CMS Administrator 15-11-2016 at 16:09

Excellent initiative.

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