Posted on 18-09-2015


After Citadel on the Move our friends form Corve are now leading a new project around open data and transport - OpenTransportNet

OpenTransportNet is an EU funded project and currently in development phase.

It's designed to revolutionise the way transport related services are created across Europe.  By bringing together open geo-spatial data within City Data Hubs and enabling it to be viewed in new easy to understand ways, OpenTransportNet will enable:

- Anyone to have fun with data, by viewing data mash-up's in maps and graphs and be able to use and embed these maps in their own websites

- Public Sector users to gain insights from linking and visualising different data sets and be able to make better public service decisions based on the findings

- Businesses and entrepreneurs to use the data to enhance existing services and build new transport-related services

- The wider open community to benefit from the project outputs and findings to advance geospatial data standards such as INSPIRE

You can find more info on the website

As part of the project we have developed a short 5 minute questionnaire (available in 3 languages) to survey transport managers about their use of geospatial information and I kindly ask either yourself or - if not relevant to you - one of your colleagues to complete. We are also in need of transport contacts in municipalities and any contact you can share would be very much appreciated.

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