Posted on 16-02-2015


The Apps for Europe online competition had a vast number of really innovative applications, which made the judging process very difficult. The organisation really encourages everybody to continue to work on your open data application. We look forward to seeing your open data app, business idea, or start-up grow in the near future. The selected apps will be joining the International Business Lounge at FutureEverything together with the winners from the 10 local business lounges that happened throughout the year. The three selected apps are:

Allryder - all transit options at one glance. For us, it’s all about connecting public transport with urban lifestyle in a well-designed platform, through an app for public transportation. Our toolbox for success includes loads of mobile technologies, creative ideas & a dedicated team." - Ana del Valle (Berlin Gemrany) is a browser app for Firefox and Chrome that can help find information about images posted online without attribution. It provides in itself an open API, and features that make it possible to copy an image from the Internet and have it automatically attributed when pasting into Word, LibreOffice or other applications. Jonas Öberg (Sweden)


Plume Labs is a startup based in Paris and launched in 2014. We aim to make our cities breathable again by empowering individuals to fight back against air pollution, using open data and connected hardware." - Romain Lacombe (Paris, France)

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