Posted on 05-12-2013


Are you also wondering how Open Data is changing the way the Public Sector innovates and delivers services?

The Data Days 2014 - a three-day conference in Ghent – is dedicated to Open Data. The focus lies on the real use of Open Data on the field, not just on the theory behind the idea.

A joint conference of the Open Knowledge Foundation (OKFN), The European project Citadel on the Move and the Linked Organisation of Local Authority ICT Societies (LOLA).

Each partner invited a number of top speakers from around the world, as we travel from Open Belgium to Open Europe to arrive at OpenWorld.

It’s a great pleasure to invite you to this conference which will be held from February 17 to February 19 in Ghent, Belgium.

Join Open Data pioneers, practitioners, thinkers and researchers from across the world to unlock and advance the power of collaboration and open innovation. You can find more information in the inclosed file and register on

Geert Mareels
Flemish E-government manager
Project Coordinator Citadel on the Move

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